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 Links  Homepages of Researchers & Laboratories  
Homepages of Researchers & Laboratories  
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Prof. Vladimir P. Skulachev, MSU, Russia  
Prof. Martin D. Brand, MRC Dunn, UK  
Prof. Keith Garlid, PSU, USA  
Prof. John J. Lemasters, UNC, USA  
Prof. Gary Fiskum, Univ. of Maryland, USA  
Prof. David G. Nicholls, Buck Inst., USA  
Prof. Anibal E. Vercesi, SUC, Brazil  
Prof. Andrew Halestrap, Univ. of Bristol, UK  
Prof Michael Duchen, UCL  
Mitochondria R & I Group Rochester "The vision of the MRIG is to become the leader in research on the role of mitochondrial dysfunction in human disease. We will merge..".
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