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A few things to know.
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The OXPHOS International portal design.

The OXHOPS International portal template and structure is designed by Dr. Anatoly Starkov who is a contact person for enquires concerning the domen registration, copyright, and advertising opportunities. The template and the structure of this site are copyrighted and can not be used without prior written permission of site owners. To enquire, contact Dr. Starkov:

Dr. Anatoly Starkov
Associate Professor in Neuroscience
Brain and Mind Research Institute
Weill College Cornell University
New York, NY 10065 USA

Content ownership information.

The OXPHOS International owners and operators are not liable to anything resulting from the usage of the content. The owners and operators of the OXPHOS International do not own any of the content except that marked as "Written by Administrator" or "Contributed by The OXPHOS International". The owners and operators of The OXPHOS International reserve all rights to distribute and publish all content submitted by the users of this portal, without their consent. Do not submit anything that you would not want us to publish. The owners and operators of The OXPHOS International reserve all rights to remove the published content without submitter's consent. We guarantee prompt acknowledgement of all requests by the submitters to remove their content from our web pages.

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